Ice cream for parties

Ice cream for parties and everyday

  • 100ml.                       22, – kr.
  • 500ml.                       50,- kr.
  • 1000ml.                     75, – kr. (enough for 4 people)
  • 2500ml.                     200, – kr. (enough for 10 people)
  • 5000ml.                     400, – kr. (enough for 20 people)

Bondegaard’s ice cream cakes/portion ice cream for everyday and party

I make ice cream cakes from your favorite ice cream, in sizes that suit you.

Cakes with one or two kinds of ice cream, for 10/12 people 250, – kr.

Smaller or larger ones can also be made.


Portion of ice cream from 30, -kr./pcs.

Feel free to order 14 days before pickup. Some may also be delivered with shorter notice.

You are always welcome to call or send an email.


Ice cream truck

Rent an ice cream cart/ice cream counter – for your next party/open house, etc.
The ice cream truck is filled with ice cream of your choice.
You are free to choose from our range.

Ice cream truck rental:
800, – + freight( or pick up yourself) + cleaning (500 kr.), suitable for +80 people

Ice disk rental:
350.- +shipping (or pick up yourself) + cleaning (200 kr.), suitable for 50 -80 people

Rental of small ice cream counter:
250.- +shipping (or pick up yourself) + cleaning (200 kr.), suitable for 25 -60 people


Ice Trailer Rental:
Contact Us For Price

Ice cream can be picked up every day of the week by appointment. Call +45 61749064 / +45 40444180