About the farm

The farm was founded in 1880, but today only the beech tree in the courtyard remains from that time. We bought the farm in 1991.
Since then, we have continuously expanded by acquisitions and extensions.

The cowshed is a loose barn with stalls. The milking takes place in a milking pit. In the summer, heifers go out on pasture.

The milk is delivered to Arla, and meat to Danish Crown. Before the milk is collected by the tanker, the heat is extracted from the milk and used for heating homes.

The manure from the animals is fed to a biogas plant, from where we get back the degassed biomass, it is used as fertilizer in the fields.

We grow corn, grass and grain . We ensil the grass four times a year, the corn once, and the grain is harvested in August. All crops grown in the fields are used as feed for the animals, the straw is used as feed and bedding.

On the farm, in addition to animal husbandry and plant breeding, we also have farm holidays and our own ice cream parlor and farm shop.

Hveddegaard approx. 1900
Hveddegaard approx. 1950
Hveddegaard 1958, this is the first color picture taken of the farm.
Hveddegaard in 1991, the year we took over the farm.
Hveddegaard 1995